Spark New Zealand (Spark 5G) Case Study

Spark 5G Case Study

Innovation Types

Since the launch of first cellular mobile service in 1987 Spark New Zealand has been on the forefront towards enhancing research and development and hence lead to an overall realization of the innovations. Incremental innovation is widely by the corporation towards the improvement of the services offered to the New Zealanders. Incremental innovation mainly involves the utilization of the current technology and increases the value of the customer through adjustments in designs and changes. The first cellular device introduced in 1987 was 1G and only provided the basic services of the voice services while only utilizing the analog transmission. It is through the utilization of the existing technology that the corporation has improved the customers’ value and introduced 2G, 3G, 4G, 4.5G and the 5G will also be launched further improving the experience of the customers. The company has also partly used the Radical innovation type in the market in the enhancement of the current market technology as the introduction of the subsequent wireless network led to the reduction in the use of the 1G that was first to be introduced. The introduction of 5G is expected to reduce the usage of the 4G and 4.5G that are widely accepted as they are the fastest forms of the wireless network.

Contributions to Innovation

Detailed Presentation of ideas and Solution

Innovation primarily involves the application of research and development. One of the systems in the Spark New Zealand that has undergone severe changes due to innovation is on the advancement of the wireless network technology from 1G to 5G. It is through the detailed presentation of the ideas of the team that has led to the consistent improvement of the service. The innovation realized by the company was mainly in pursuit of providing the solution to the challenges affecting the people mainly in the getting to use the internet. Further solutions had to be sought in the speed of surfing and it is only through the detailed presentation of the ideas by the people that came up with the thought that the research and development were enhance leading to the introduction of the 3G, 4G, and 4.5G. Having an idea is important but it is only through a thorough and detailed presentation to the relevant individual that the idea can be put to practice. In essentiality, the innovations realized in the improvement of the system is mainly due to the application of the right presentation of solutions to the developers.

The pursuit of Ideas and Transformation into an Economic Value

The role of every innovation is aimed towards the adding of economic value. Researchers and developers must always prove that the innovation they are going to undertake will have a positive economic value to their customers. The enhancement of the wireless technology innovation from 1G to 5G has always been focused on adding economic value to the customers. An idea that adds a significant economic value is considered to be more effective and easy to adapt as it will have a positive effect on the customers. The pursuit of the ideas to add economic value, therefore, leads to the enhancement of the innovation.

Conflict Resolution and Problem Solving

Problem-solving is one of the aspects that have led to the general enhancement of innovation. Every researcher aims to provide a solution to an issue identified. The improvement of the wireless network from 1G to 5G by Spark New Zealand is due to the provision of a solution to an identified problem. One of the problems identified was on the necessity of enhancing the use of the internet using a wireless connection. Further, there was a problem of the speed in the established connection when 2G was established. The idea of solving the problems led to the improvement of technology which was enhanced by the utilization of innovation.

Changes in Spark New Zealand

The company has undergone several changes in the delivery of its services to the customers and also in the conduct of its daily activities. One of the changes has been on a severe investment in research and development. One of the aspects that have led to an overall improvement of the delivery of the innovations realized in the company is due to the heavy investment in research and development. It is an aspect that cannot be overlooked in the success of the corporation. There has also been an adjustment in the leadership roles to ensure that there is consistency in the management of the innovations made to the company. Other changes have also been on the improvement of the sales department to improve on the marketing of the new products that are established through innovations. There is also growth and development in the corporation leading to an increase in the number of customers served.

Contribution to Change


It is an essential tool towards the coming up with ideas that lead to innovation. It is only with the relevant knowledge that Spark New Zealand has constantly established that there is an ability of the enhancement of the existing wireless Network technology. The understanding of how the systems work is also a result of the knowledge and has led to overall changes in the different departments in the corporation to incorporate the innovations.


Expertise describes the endowment of skills on an individual in a specific field that is not possessed by many people. The expertise in the technological advancement in the company and mainly on the wireless network has greatly influenced the changes due to the advancement of the network. It is the experts in the field that has consistently continued to work on the researches that have yielded the improvement in the wireless network from 1G to 5G. It is not possible to achieve innovations without the presence of the right expertise.

Tools and Training

The availability of the relevant tools is important for the realization of the desired change in the products and services yielded by a specific Company. The tools are widely applied by the experts towards the exploration of the right changes that should be effected. Training is also important to enhance the ability of the Company towards the sustenance of the changes that are made in the corporation. The experts pass on the knowledge to the colleagues through training.

Role of Departments in the innovations and Changes

Business Operations

Spark New Zealand has several departments that work together towards the realization of the innovations and changes. Business operations are one of the significant departments that have led to the overall success of the innovations and changes in the corporation mainly due to its contribution to the determination of the specific activities that are undertaken. The operations determine the specific activities that are undertaken by the Company daily. It has ensured that there is consistency in the Research and development and enhances the harmony in the working of all the departments. It is also tasked with the purchase of any material that may be needed to effect a specific change. The operations, therefore, guide the daily activities in the company that leads to the realization of the changes.

Sales and Marketing

The established innovations and changes in Spark New Zealand are only effective if they are accepted in the market. The department has a role of ensuring that all the developments are well marketed and also the brand of the corporation is positively portrayed to the customers. The enhancement of the changes also necessitates that more customers are needed to sustain the technology. It is through the department that the company gets to the new markets that have not yet been realized and introduces the services by Spark New Zealand.


The department is crucial towards the realization of the changes in the corporation as it determines the allocation of funds to the departments in the company. The effectiveness of the accounting department leads to overall success in the corporation as finances are the primary focus of the growth in the corporation. Effective utilization of the finances in research and development by the accounting department plays a significant role in the improvement of the services produced. The management of funds and integrity in the department is essential to the success of the company. Spark New Zealand has consistently reported the increase in revenue due to the right allocation of the funds by the accounting department that is accountable for every income and expenditure. It is a very significant department towards the management of the finances which is a crucial aspect towards the realization of the innovations and changes in the company.

Human Resource

The department is mainly focused on the hiring of the people with the right expertise and skills in the specific field. It is very essential towards the innovations and the changes in the company as the people with right skills must be employed for the company to realize the expected changes and innovations. It is an aspect that the department has widely contributed by ensuring that always there are enough skills that are necessary for the growth of the company. It also determines the conduct of the people and always concerned with ensuring that every worker delivers their mandate with a high level of effectiveness. One role of the Human resource department is to ensure that there are harmony and understanding of all the workers hence alleviating any chances of misunderstanding that can hinder the delivery of services.

Risk management

It is an essential department mainly in ensuring that the company always undertakes the activities with minimal risks getting involved. The lower the risks involved the higher the likelihood of the success of the project undertaken as all the stakeholders are confident in their undertaking

Influence of Communication

Internal Stakeholders

The internal Stakeholders for the Spark New Zealand mainly consist of the employees and the management at various levels. The stakeholders have a role in the enhancement of the success of the corporation. The attitude and the action of the stakeholders have a direct impact on the company and hence it is essential to apply the right communication mode to ensure positivity in their reactions. The effectiveness in both the oral and written communication is a crucial factor towards the providing of the right information that leads to the realization of a specific project. As the CEO the specific internal stakeholders in Spark New Zealand are Change management teams, the executives, the managers, and the team members. The communication would influence the stakeholders towards understanding the goals I have for the company. The stakeholders must always understand the specific goals that the CEO is seeking to achieve and the specific actions they are planning to undertake. It is therefore essential to apply the right communication methods to ensure that they all understand the specific goals and hence influence their behavior. The internal stakeholder plays a significant role in the realization of the goals and if it is not communicated to them properly they are likely to hinder the realization. The right communication will, therefore, influence them on working towards the goals.

Effective communication enhances and influences the creation of a positive relationship amongst all the workers. By effectively communicating to all the people rightly I will ensure that all the people get the intended message either orally or in written form. The action is aimed towards ensuring that the message is not distorted as it would be the case if the right communication methods are not applied. The distortion of the information can lead to conflict in the workplace and also reduce the effectiveness in the daily operations. Building dialogue is also an aspect that I would enhance as the CEO to ensure that I get the feedback from all the internal stakeholders mainly on the aspects that should be adjusted towards the realization of my goal. The dialogue development is also an important aspect of communication that will ensure that there is a stronger relationship amongst the various internal stakeholders that must always work together towards the realization of the specific goal.

External stakeholders

The external stakeholders for Spark New Zealand include the suppliers, customers, partners, investors, and the Government authorities and regulators. The communication with the specific external stakeholders is important towards the creation of the right brand image. The right communication to the external stakeholders also influences the source of power. As the CEO of Spark New Zealand, I will focus on efficient communication with the people that have the greatest influence on the company. The customers for instance and the government authorities directly affect the changes and innovations undertaken by the company. It would be essential to ensure that there is efficiency in the communication to the customers as it is a significant aspect towards the development of brand loyalty. The communication to the external stakeholders will also lead to an overall increase in the creation of healthy relationships with the shareholders of the company and hence always receive the right advice on the direction they desire the company to undertake. It will also increase the influence on the stakeholders to support the activities undertaken by the company towards innovation and changes.

Building Relationships


The managers of the various s departments in Spark New Zealand play a significant role in ensuring that the right activities are undertaken. They also ensure that there are cohesiveness and harmony in the delivery of services in their specific departments during the improvements in the wireless networks. It is therefore important to ensure that there are the right Business relationships with the managers as a means of enhancing the rapport in various departments. I will extensively identify the shared goals with the managers and understand their interest. The understanding is of much significance towards ensuring that there is effective communication. Another aspect that I will enhance as the CEO is the maintenance of mutual respect. I will always recognize the specific roles they undertake in their departments and the positive effects it has to the Company. The understanding is essential towards the motivation of the manager to deliver their mandate with confidence. I will always ensure that the managers understand that I always have their back and should not be worried as they deliver their mandate. To some extent, I will also share my vulnerability as a means of making a human presentation rather than always being the leader. It is a significant aspect of the enhancement of authenticity.


The shareholders in the company play a significant role as they are directly involved in the making of the decisions in the company. Before an improvement is made on the wireless network they are always contacted and provide their thoughts and the suggestion they think should be incorporated. As the CEO of Spark New Zealand, I will ensure that I get more personal with most of them. It is an important aspect towards developing a rapport and hence becomes easy for them to offer the relevant advice when they feel there is an adjustment needed in the company. I will also ensure that I get to have something we can do for with the shareholders which are significant towards being free with each other and subsequently communicate effectively when they feel there is an issue that should be addressed. It is always effective to always lower the expectation when developing business relationships with other people. The dropping off the expectations will lead to the disappointments that can arise during the interactions, especially when in need of advice on the actions that I should undertake. I will always ensure that they understand that I am human and prone to mistakes and should feel free to correct me as the CEO. The essence of showing the vulnerability is to improve on authenticity when dealing with the various stakeholders.


The primary challenge faced by Spark New Zealand is on the increased cost on the network investment. The company has to spend much of its financing in the research and development and also the purchase of the relevant tools to facilitate the introduction of 5G networks. I identified the challenge in the case study through the analysis of the finances utilized in the improvements of the wireless networks and compare it with the income. The company has to consistently however invest in the improvement of the Network or the competitors will take over the market and render its services to be useless. The financing for the next year is expected to be up to $140million which is far higher than when there is no roll-out of network investment. I also identified the challenge from the description of the various aspects that must be considered before laying out the plan on the 5G and the financing issue is one of the major aspects that can hinder the period of rolling out the plan.


To overcome the financing challenge in the corporation the company should engage the external stakeholders to facilitate the program rollout. Spark New Zealand can also work toward the selling of the shares to the public and utilize the funds to carry out the roll-out plan. It is also essential to seek the intervention of the government authorities towards further subsides of more of the products that are essential to the rolling out of the 5G network. The operations department must also ensure they undertake their activities with a focus on reducing the costs of the daily activities and hence utilize more funds for the innovations and change expected for the implementation of the 5G wireless network. The adjustment in the utilization of the funds is an important aspect that must be focused on to enhance the ability of the corporation to direct the funds in the more urgent activities at hand.

Business and Company Culture

The business and the Company culture plays a significant role in the realization of specific goals. The culture of the corporation needs to be right for the realization of the specific goals identified. The corporate culture defines the specific behaviors and beliefs that control the actions of all the employees. It is usually developed over time and reflected in the various aspects of the daily operations of the company. The culture of Spark New Zealand has always been on consistent innovations and it should be utilized effectively. The culture towards the realization of the vision is also an aspect that controls the realization of the goals. The practices within the company also have a direct effect on the company’s success.


In the analysis of the case study and the completion of the task I developed various skills and learned the essence of some of the values that are essential a business set up. One of the aspects learned is on the necessity of effective communication within an organization as a means of ensuring efficiency amongst all the stakeholders. The stakeholders are either within the organization or externally. The application of the right communication method also leads to easy realization of the goals for the company especially when the workers are fully involved internally. I also learned that innovation is an essential aspect of a corporation that mainly involves various departments. Some of the departments include Human resource, Accounting, Marketing, Operations, and Risk management. The incorporation of each of the department and the cohesiveness in the delivery of their mandate is an essential aspect that leads to an overall realization of change in a business. It is important to ensure that all the departments are fully involved in the effective delivery of services to the customers and the overall success of the company.

I developed the analytical skills further in the analysis of the case mainly on the determination of the challenges affecting the company. I had to analyze the specific scenarios within Spark New Zealand and determined the challenges currently faced by the corporation. In addition to identifying the challenges, I also came up with the specific solutions that are available for the company. I also gained the relevant knowledge on the role of several of the departments within a corporation. In the completion of the task, I also learned the essence of the various stakeholders in an organization and the role they play. Some of the important aspects I also identified to be of much significance within an organization is on the knowledge to undertake the desired actions. In addition to the knowledge, it is also essential to have the right expertise to put the knowledge to practice. The tools and the training are also important within an organization for the expertise to be fully passed to all the workers in the organization for easy management.





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