Organizational management is where people in the organization are encouraged to achieve the set goals, bringing everyone on board for a common purpose. Having an interest in integrating employees to work harmoniously has been my goal as a human resource. For an organization to prosper, there has to be proper management, especially between the government and employees. It gives solutions to the needs the organization has and offers direction to employees. The management team requires different traits for successful operations in an organization.

Interpersonal Skills to be used in management

Practical communication skill is one of the skills needed in management. Written and verbal communication should be clear and understandable.  The Channel of information has to be stated and followed for everyone to be on the same page (Espitia and Garcia, 2020, p.322). As a manager, you have to take employees’ views to the management clearly and inform employees of the top management decisions with the same clarity. Effective communication helps the flow of information and reduces unnecessary anxiety and expectations. Practicing writing and reporting is effective for managers to learn effective communication.

Problem-solving skill is another trait needed in management. Problems will always be there; the capability of projecting and having an idea of what the problem is and finding solutions to those problems matters a lot in management (Beenen et al, 2018, p.45). Being able to prevent a problem from happening requires critical thinking and a clear view of the problem. Dealing with employees’ problems requires a better human understanding of employees and making a sound judgment (Farrell et al, 2021 p. 40). Problem-solving skills require consultations and comparisons to determine which way work best.  Problem-solving entails conflict management skills. As a manager, you must manage conflicts, whether about meeting an organization’s objectives or personal strife among themselves. Create awareness on conflict resolution and encourage employees to adapt to resolving their difference amicably.  As a human resource, absenteeism may arise, and the best action is to confirm with the employee why they are absent without communication.

Leadership and motivating skills need to be possessed by the management.  Listening skill is essential to enhancing good leadership. The leadership has to listen to employees’ views. The company’s objective should be clear to employees, and management should ensure employees understand the goal properly. Performance appraisal should be done regularly to ensure employees understand their roles and feel they need to be improved or assisted (Cerezo et al, 2018, p.90). The act of appreciating employees beyond monetary goes a long way in giving them the urge to perform better, providing exemplary leadership towards achieving goals such as training employees on the best ways to attain targets, and enhancing team building activities to strengthen the working relationship among employees.

Adaptability is a critical skill for managers as it is stated that change is inevitable. Things change, and as a manager, you have to embrace change in all spheres. The most rampant change is technology; a good manager will encourage innovations and be part of it. Being innovative will prove the leadership skills and help the company from collapsing. Innovate ways employees can work online and give them training on improvised technology.

There are different styles of management used by managers. One example is the democratic style of working; in this type, engagement exists between the management and employees, employees can give views, and superiors listen to them.  The management considers the views given while making any decision, and feedback is given to employees (Beenen et al, 2018, p.45). A case example is during the procurement process for the company to purchase safety gears for employees, meeting with employees to get correct measurements for everyone. It minimizes time wastage and acceptability. It also increases employees’ confidence in the management.

Another type of management is an autocratic style of working. The managers who use this style don’t consider the employees’ views; they have the final say. Management decides on what is important for the company and employees and implements it without consultations (Cerezo et al, 2018, p.90). Employees feel demotivated and do not enjoy work. Employees may be brought safety gears that do not fit them because they were not consulted. They get uncomfortable and get demoralized.

Walking around style is another type of management. Managers using this style are viewed as part of the team, and they do mentorship to employees by guiding them on what to do (Farrell et al, 2021 p. 40). The manager listens to employees and understands their views. The relationship between managers and employees is interactive.




Key dates What did you do? Why? What did you learn from this? How have/will you use this?
February -April Attended conflict and resolution classes

Visited human resource office to get an insight into how cases are solved in the organization

To gain knowledge of solving work-related cases as a procurement officer.

Know different cases and how they were handled

I learned different conflict resolution methods, how to apply them, and types of conflicts with their weight. The skill gained will solve conflicts arising at work, especially among employees, suppliers, and also at my level.
March Attended online classes on negotiation

Revisited my previous contracts documents how I negotiated with suppliers.

Procurement officer negotiation is an essential skill to have in the job market.

I always have self-assessment, and I thought I needed more sharpening of my negotiation skills.

Skills to apply in negotiation, have facts when going for negotiations, and put the company’s interest without forgetting suppliers relationship with the organization. Negotiation skills will help me have a professional edge in negotiation.
April Learned effective communication  through zoom conference Communication skills give procurement professional listening and understanding ability. Listening and making conversation environment-friendly help achieve more in terms of participation. I will be able to allow other views to have a holistic decision.
May- present Attend a lecture on leadership


-To gain knowledge on responsibilities and leadership

-Recently, I was appointed as the in-charge of the procurement department,  I was not sure how to go about it, and I resolved to get training on leadership

Taking charge as a leader requires a sense of responsibility.

Leaders have to show direction.

Leaders have to lead, not to manage; they have to move with people rather than goals.

This skill will give me the sense of minding other employees.

To achieve the goals of the company then I will have to encourage cooperation and teamwork.

June- present Attend resilience lecture.

-I did a self-assessment on my strengths and weaknesses

To learn how to overcome challenges and become triumphant. Resilience Is the ability to bounce back in challenging situations.

Never allow a situation to hold you back. Always rise and shine again.

The procurement field faces many challenges, and these challenges have to be overcome and make them strengths.
July Attended personal development training I wanted to learn how to achieve inclusion and what inclusivity defines. Inclusion is involving other people with different opinions, ages, gender, and ranks.

Being open to involving these people brings inclusivity.

As a procurement officer, I encounter different people from all walks of life. Being able to accept them in my line of duty will mean achieving inclusivity.


CPD plan

What do I want/need to learn? What will I do to achieve this? What resources or support will I need? What will my success criteria be? Target dates for review and completion
Procurement policy and laws -Check with the department on the terms of suppliers and contracts -Procurement guide and company policy and agreement. -have basic policy and regulations at the fingertips.

-good understanding of suppliers’ contracts.

Beginning of August
Trade and trends in the market -Benchmark from other companies,

-Observe customers’ behavior about our products.

-Facilitation and time to visit various companies.

-A team to collect feedback from customers about our products.

-come up with policy guidelines that will incorporate measures and recommendations for improvements. August
Accountability -Attend training on accountability.

– time and cooperation from management and employees. -Sensitization of employees on accountability. September
Adaptability to be head of procurement -Continue with leadership training.

-Have meetings with the department members and formulate a working strategy.

-Cooperation from the procurement department.

-department members contribute to the operational strategy and implementation.

-Come up with a departmental meeting schedule for discussing progress. From May to September
Analytical skills using modern technology -Arrange training on updated procurement software

-install software to the company system

-Assistance from the ICT department.

-Installation of updated software in the company’s structure.

-All procurement department software is updated, and I can use them efficiently. September
Risk management -Assess all risks at the company. -Legal documents, contracts, and compliance permits. -All contracts and compliance permits are up to date and followed due process. October



In conclusion, organization management is vital and is required in any organization. Without proper management, an organization can face internal rebellion among employees, and goals might not be achieved. Both teams should work harmoniously to achieve the goals of the organization. Managers have to possess skills such as communication, problem-solving, and leadership skills for effective management. Loyalty and peaceful co-existence are promoted by effective management.



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