History of marketing and advertisement.

Impact of Digital Technology on Advertising

Advertisement is mainly synonymous with product promotion. It involves enticing a potential consumer into making a purchase. This, in turn, increases product sales for the producer. Advertising is, therefore, a crucial part of the success of a company. To achieve this, an advertiser needs to understand how to promote their products effectively. This involves identifying the target audience and the appropriate message that would make an impact on them. Different audiences would respond differently to the message put across by an advertiser. To achieve success in this field, advertisement approaches have evolved constantly as the business world continues to evolve. The introduction of technology has made advertising easier despite the occasional demerits of technology. One of the most effective trends is the rise in social media platform advertisements. This refers to the use of these popular platforms for the advertisement of goods and services. In this paper, I will identify the impact of this new trend on consumer behavior, marketing industry and the promotional practices. The paper also includes a brief history of marketing and advertisement.

Advertisement and promotion are crucial activities for any business to thrive. They involve communicating the value of the product on sale to potential consumers with the purpose of enticing them to make the purchase. In this process, it is also crucial to fulfil the promises made to the consumer. With the constant change occurring in daily lives, marketing constantly evolves to adjust to the needs of both the consumer and the producer. In the 1950s producers discovered the need to concentrate majorly on the needs and wants of the consumer. This was contrary to the traditional approach of mass production of already existing products. The purpose of the shift to an approach that considers consumer needs was to increase product sales. Televisions also became quite popular in this period which played a significant role in the development of advertisement. The approach of marketing trampled the traditional production belief. The production belief stated that so long as products were available and affordable, they would get purchased. This belief made significant sense at the time of the industrial revolution. This is because there was little competition among the producers. Another significant ideology that followed this was that high-quality products that got reasonably priced would be more appealing to the consumer. This belief is known as the product concept. After the production and product concepts, came the both of the selling concept. This new concept revolved around aggressive selling by the producers to increase their sales levels. This is because the producers thought that consumers would only purchase a product if they were forced to do so. Understandably, the selling concept is no longer practised today due to the high risk that is involved. Two concepts are prevalent today. They are the marketing concept and the holistic marketing concept (Wright, Khanfar, Harrington & Kizer, 2010). The former accepts the need for producers to engage with the consumers. It also promotes the delivery of accurate products to the consumer. The latter, on the other hand, involves approaching marketing from different angles. This gets done through developing relationships, both internally and externally. This involves forming healthy relations with both consumers and suppliers to increase sales volume. While most companies accept the application of these two approaches, the selling concept is actually what gets practised often. It is, however, at lower risk since it is not easy for consumers to perceive the approach. For instance, on a typical day, advertisements surround us. On the bus, in the park, in a newspaper, a magazine, on the television or even on the radio, it is difficult to ignore all the promotional advertisements that take place in our surroundings. We are constantly exposed to advertisements, which defines aggressive selling by the producers. This is because there is stiff competition in most industries. Segmentation of customers, therefore, does not shield them from the aggressive advertisement campaigns.

A study carried out in 2006, indicates that on an average day, an American gets exposed to a total of five thousand advertisements (Wright, Khanfar, Harrington & Kizer, 2010). This figure continues to grow. The increase in advertisements has been significant, especially with the incorporation of digital media platforms. Consumers now get exposed to advertisements, even on their personal mobile phones. This can get considered to be significantly overwhelming to an individual. As a result, people will try as much as they can to avoid advertisements. Marketers, however, keep reinventing new ways of reaching out to the consumer. One recent trend that is on the rise is the use of social media platforms for advertisement. These platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, among others. This trend has significantly impacted consumer behavior, promotional activities and the marketing industry at large.

The marketing industry is among the industries that have experienced significant changes from the rise in digital technology. Social media platforms have become a core part of this industry (Appel, Grewal, Hadi & Stephen, 2019). Some companies have now moved to integrate all their advertisement efforts into social media platforms (Voorveld, van Noort, Muntinga & Bronner, 2018). This means that the marketing industry has experienced a significant blow in aspects of print media advertisement and other traditional forms of advertisement. The industry has to shift significantly to accommodate consumer needs. As a result, a lot of companies now have a significant digital presence. It is difficult to encounter a company that lacks social media platforms. This has become the primary way of reaching out to consumers. This does not only apply for private producers but also public service companies and National governments have also accepted the importance of using social media platforms to get the intended message across to the people. The primary reason for social media presence by both companies and governments is to target as many people as possible. Traditionally, televisions, radios and even the internet had the ability to reach out to a significant number of people. It has been discovered, however, that to start a trend, it is necessary to initiate an engagement platform of sorts in order to impact the intended audience (Wright, Khanfar, Harrington & Kizer, 2010). This means that placing an ad on a newspaper, magazine or company website does not do enough to initiate a trend. The marketing industry has, therefore, observed a shift where advertisements get done on social media platforms since they have the greatest outcome in setting new trends.

Social media technology has granted a lot of people the opportunity to make connections with other people of similar mindsets and preferences. Today, many people have personal websites where they leave their personal information and write blogs. Through these websites, people are able to make connections with others. Such platforms are effective in raising self-esteem and self-awareness among users and their viewers (Wright, Khanfar, Harrington & Kizer, 2010). One of the most famous social media sites today that grants people this opportunity is YouTube. Through the platform, users can upload videos on their daily lives or other topics which will appeal to a particular audience. The user gains a lot of followers after some time, which means that they have a significant influence on people and the decisions they make. The marketing industry has discovered a shift where companies use such websites and platforms for their advertisements. The primary concern in marketing is the target audience. By using such platforms, advertisers have to develop programs that are appealing to specific demography. The marketers understand the need for self-esteem and awareness among their audiences. As a result, targeting social media influencers for advertisement requires a lot of study into the demographic they have access to. This may be a costly and lengthy process. Despite the cost that goes into this process, the returns are higher than using traditional advertisement approaches (Wright, Khanfar, Harrington & Kizer, 2010). Through these sites, consumers are able to provide feedback to the producers. Besides, they can indicate their preferences and customizers the product to suit their needs. Through this, marketers can carry out market segmentation. Social media sites are, therefore, a significant trend in promotion and advertisement.

In order to succeed in social media marketing, advertisement agencies and companies have realized the need for creating and maintaining the relationships they create with the people on social media platforms. This maintenance builds a level of intimacy in these relationships.  Consumers need to feel that the producers are concerned with their opinions. This means that their feedback needs to get acknowledged by the producers. To sustain these relationships, a lot of companies now employ additional staff members within their public relations and marketing departments whose sole purpose is to keep these relationships strong. Digital marketing is a crucial part of promotion and advertisement. Advertisement agencies and companies have now discovered the importance of employing more resources to ensure they thrive in this aspect of promotion. The mandate of this group of employees is to communicate with the consumer. The relationship created cannot be intimate if the marketer talks at the consumer instead of talking with the customer. They are, therefore, required to have significant interpersonal skills. On top of this, they must have a significant understanding of the rising trends and what keeps the consumer happy. They form a direct line between the consumer and the producer, which is a crucial role. The marketing industry has acknowledged the need for this new skill within their departments for the success of promotion and advertising.

Social media marketing has not only caused a significant change in the marketing industry but also on consumer behavior. The mindset of the consumer has experienced significant shifts. Traditionally, consumers could barely communicate their opinions and feedback to the producers. Through social media, a platform has been created that allows constant communication between the two parties. Consumers can now easily make their grievances and opinions known to the producers. Consumers have become accustomed to constant access to the producer. This is significantly contrary to traditional promotion and advertisement. Through Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms, producers and their customers can constantly reach out to each other without hindrances (Bacon, 2011). This type of communication may be momentarily or even extend over a significant period of time. This is what results in the formation of intimate relationships. These relationships are effective since they form a sense of belonging for the consumer, which makes them more loyal in the product. This explains why it is now common for advertisements to get made on print and audiovisual media calling on customers to visit company social media platforms. In these advertisements, consumers get promised a personalized, fun and community experience. The promise of community experience is one of the factors that attract consumers to such platforms. Normally, social media platforms get used by people for fun and socializing, but they do not mid viewing advertisements on these platforms.  Advertisers can, therefore, take the opportunity to create an advertisement that would be appealing to the consumer in such an instance.

Many advertisement and brand development campaigns have grown from this type of advertising where the company takes advantage of social media platforms. A good example of such successful campaigns is the one carried out on YouTube by Old Spice branded ‘The Man Your Man Could Smell Like’.  The campaign has over 350million views. This makes it one of the most successful brand campaigns on the platform (Bacon, 2011). It has, therefore, had a lot of impact on the world of branding and campaigns and as a result, set the pace for other campaigns. This is because such a campaign designs customer expectations and anything that falls short may have little impact on consumers. On top of providing customer experiences that are difficult to resist, these platforms are the direct line between the consumer and the producer (Bacon, 2011). This means that marketing is no longer just about impressing the customer. They also have the role of linking the consumer and producer and ensuring the connection remains intact. This responsibility significantly affects consumer behavior because a producer that fails to provide these qualities in their marketing approaches does not appeal to the consumer. This explains the need for marketing department staff in companies to get equipped with public relations skills. This means that they are capable of relating not only politely but also professionally with the consumers. Companies cannot afford to fall short of this quality. This is because the interrelation between producers and the consumers can make or break the effect of promotion and advertising efforts made by the company. The producer’s response to grievances and suggestions made by the customer also has a significant impact on these ties between the consumer and producers. Consumers have become accustomed to the fact that producers can listen to them and respond appropriately through social media platforms. A company that fails to provide this may, therefore, lose a significant portion of its market to others.

The rise in the online advertisement also comes with one significant demerit. Consumers have agreed that the rise in advertisements online can be both disruptive and annoying. Browsers continue to be more intrusive. These advertisements often get included in the online community platforms. In response to the numerous disruptive advertisements on such sites, consumers will avoid visiting such community sites. Recent research studies carried out regarding advertising the approach that gets used by advertisers has a significant impact on consumer response. The use of a level of intimacy interpersonally may cause the consumer to have a more positive reaction towards such advertisements. This is because the main purpose that anyone would visit these sites is for the purpose of communication with others. It is, therefore, a good platform for producers and marketers to communicate with potential consumers. Study tests that have been carried out like that of Reddit in 2016 show that consumers may be willing to keep visiting community sites with the right kind of communications approach that creates an interpersonal relationship (Wright, Khanfar, Harrington & Kizer, 2010). The advertisement test carried out by Reddit indicates that the approaches applied by the company were the reason for its success. The advertisements included platforms that allowed consumers to bring up any questions they may have and keep in touch with the advertiser. The approach indicates a lot of respect for the consumer. This example explains the importance of online advertisements platforms taking their time to study the perspectives of their potential consumers. Understanding the consumer and how they may get impacted by particular messages is crucial. Consumer behavior heavily relies on these factors.

The trend in social media advertising has caused a significant change in the promotional activities that get carried out by people. Traditional approaches to advertising, however, remain quite relevant. Marketing activities traditionally would rely on a group of consumers called the mavens. This group consists of those consumers who are particularly interested in product information. They want to know which company offers the best deals of a particular product.

On top of that, they are willing to share this information with anybody they come across. This is part of the word of mouth advertisement. Consumers heavily rely on the opinions of their peers regarding a product before they purchase it. Producers and marketers must ensure that mavens have the right thing to say about their products. Traditionally, mavens would acquire product information through face to face interactions with producers, or they would have to take lengthy shopping trips to gather this information personally through comparison of different products. With the rise in technology, however, it is easier for mavens to acquire the product information. Many producers have company websites where they make information about new deals available to the public. Mavens will mostly go a step further and sign up for corporate emails from the producers informing them of new deals even before they are made available to the general public. Through this, the producer is also able to identify this group of people. Creating and maintaining relationships with this group of people is beneficial to the company. This is because they are capable of creating significant buzz regarding a product in the market. They are also highly likely to remain loyal to a producer if a relationship gets created where they feel respected (Wright, Khanfar, Harrington & Kizer, 2010).

Another crucial promotional trend that remains relevant despite the digitalization of marketing is the use of salespeople. These are people with the ability to be convincing. They can easily seduce a consumer into purchasing a product they would not have initially thought of buying. As a result, they are crucial for company success. Salespeople have a set target of product to sell in most cases. To achieve this target, they would have to create a rapport with repeat consumers that have been impressed by their products previously. This refers to the maintenance of an intimate relationship with the consumer. While social media platforms aim to achieve this relationship, it is still crucial for salespeople to perform this task. This is because some consumers may still be hesitant to trust communication platforms online. This sense of distrust can be overcome by forming consumer relationships with the salespeople.  Salespeople cannot get ignored or replaced entirely by social media platforms. Digital media platforms are also useful to salespeople. They are able to create their own communities where they can entice customers online instead of seeking them out personally. This is, therefore, one of the traditional promotional practices that have experienced a significant shift since the popularization of social media advertisements.

Social media advertisement has had a significant impact on the evolution of marketing and promotion. Advertisers still remain faithful to some traditional approaches like the use of mavens and salespeople, but these approaches also benefit from digital platforms. While consumers may enjoy the relationships they acquire through social media platforms, it is also crucial to note that they may get irritable from the constant disruption that is caused by these advertisements. The marketing industry has also experienced a significant shift from the traditional advertisement methods. These include audio and visual media and print media, among other approaches. Digital approaches to marketing have, therefore, had a positive impact on advertisement practices.


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