Funeral Flowers Reviews

Funeral Flowers Reviews

  1. A friend of mine lost his dad yesterday morning. I placed my order immediately for funeral flowers at [COMPANY NAME] through their website and got the flowers delivered at my [AREA] two hours before I set off to visit the bereaved friend. They thoroughly met my expectations and brought the funeral flowers just the way I expected them to be. – John Dane
  2. [COMPANY NAME] is the best when it comes to the delivery of funeral flowers. When I lost my Cousin, I ordered some funeral flowers from them, and they were delivered just in time as I expected them. I needed them a day before the burial day, and they were given the same morning as I waited at my home in [AREA]. – Phil Tominay
  3. They have a very proactive team over there at [COMPANY NAME] their service delivery for funeral flowers is top notch. Wherever you are in London, they will deliver on time. They were able to give me my sympathy flowers to a friend at my place in [AREA].
  4. They are very professional, and they never take customer orders for granted. All your funeral flowers will arrive on time. Whether you are in [AREA] or [AREA], they will be able to reach you. [COMPANY NAME] is on top when it comes to service delivery. – Mary Jane
  5. I am still in awe of how [COMPANY NAME] was able to deliver flowers for my mom’s funeral just 4 hours after placing the order. The funeral flowers were already at my house in [AREA] before the guests started arriving for the funeral. – Tom Luis
  6. On my previous experiences with funeral flowers I used to go directly to a flower shop in London but [COMPANY NAME] has helped ease the pressure as I can place my order online at the comfort of my living room in [AREA]. – Rick Ford
  7. During the moments when you lose a loved one, it is always very stressing to walk up and down looking for the best service providers for whatever thing you need. [COMPANY NAME] has helped ease the pressure as they deliver in good time and they can find you wherever you are; whether you are in [AREA] or in [AREA]. – Rick Marren
  8. With other companies, I had to wait for hours before my bouquet could be delivered. Today we have [COMPANY NAME]; the company gets my funeral flowers delivered at the snap of my fingers. From my home in [AREA], it is a company I can rely on. – John Lenny
  9. In my final year in college, my roommate lost her mom, and I had to find a suitable funeral flower company to get my sympathy flowers to Jane delivered in Oxford in good time. Luckily a friend of mine linked me up to the [COMPANY NAME] website, which was very helpful.
  10. [COMPANY NAME] has been very helpful to me. Through their website, I can customize the type of the funeral flower I need virtually and then place an order immediately and get it delivered to my home [AREA]- Tristian Migne
  11. It is always a tough task to go out looking for funeral flowers, especially when you have lost a loved one. When I was in my last year of high school, I lost my aunt, who has always been like a mother to me. She had been my guardian ever since I lost my mom when I was seven years old. So she was like the only mother I had growing up. Going out to find suitable flowers for her funeral was very hard, but luckily I came across [(COMPANY NAME] who fulfilled my order and brought the flowers to [AREA] just as I wanted it to be done.
  12. There is no best feeling in the world when you get someone you can entrust with something and still deliver even when you are at your lowest point. [COMPANY NAME] has been those people to me. When I lost my dad, I just made an order for funeral flowers to be delivered at our [AREA] and they gave.
  13. There are many reasons to be sad when you lose a loved one, but [COMPANY NAME] will always be there for you at such a time. It is the best online funeral flower shop that I have had an encounter with. They had my flowers delivered at [AREA] just as I wanted.
  14. With the current trend whereby all the shopping is done online, [COMPANY] with their online platform has been very advantageous to people like me who had to beat the last minute rush to have funeral flowers for my best friend’s funeral delivered at my place in [AREA]
  15. My benchmark bouquet of my Uncle’s funeral flowers came today, and I received it in [AREA] I was impressed with what [COMPANY NAME] offers for all its customer.
  16. As the sender of the sympathy flowers to my believed classmate, I’ didn’t get to see them, but I got great feedback on the bouquet itself from its recipient in [AREA]. [COMPANY NAME] never disappoints!
  17. Bought the funeral flowers for my Uncle’s funeral in [AREA]. My aunt was delighted with what she received from me. I am very impressed by the work [COMPANY NAME] is doing.
  18. The sympathy flowers look very impressive as delivered to me in my residence in [AREA]. [COMPANY NAME] is making me not think of going to the florist again!
  19. The lovely sympathy flowers were packaged beautifully. I received the flowers still in [AREA] fresh inside the box, stems trimmed, and arranged in the vase within five minutes! I’ll be ordering again from [COMPANY].
  20. The funeral flowers I received from [COMPANY NAME] on Thursday while still in [AREA] beautiful fitted my mom’s gravesite.
  21. The funeral flowers delivery was done on the exact day I ordered for them from [COMPANY NAME], and I was thrilled with my purchase. These flowers are beautiful, and the colors are perfect for the scene that is expected to be set at [AREA] on the burial day.
  22. I was very impressed by the arrangement of the condolence flowers received in [AREA] for my father’s burial that I ordered from [COMPANY NAME]. They were stunning.
  23. A friend of mine lost his beloved daughter, the order I made for condolence flowers at [COMPANY NAME] was well received and delivered to their home in [AREA] when still fresh.
  24. When my mom lost her beloved friend from childhood, I ordered for a big bouquet of rose flower from [COMPANY NAME], and it was delivered in good time to [AREA] when still fresh and in the best form.
  25. Losing a best friend is very difficult, I went through a very tough moment, for his funeral I had ordered some flowers from [COMPANY NAME] for funeral tributes, and they were well delivered to my [AREA] residence.
  26. Ordered two bouquets of funeral flowers from [COMPANY NAME] to friend who had lost her mom in [AREA]. It was well delivered in the best form and at the right time. I loved it!
  27. When my girlfriend’s mom died of cancer, I had to get the best order of sympathy flowers from [COMPANY NAME], and they were well delivered to my home in [AREA]. I really liked their service.
  28. I made an order for a sympathy flower from [COMPANY NAME] to get the flowers delivered to a friend whose mother passed away. It was very well received in [AREA]. Very moving and I did not have to spend too much money on it!
  29. I ordered a bouquet of sympathy flowers from [COMPANY NAME] for my niece, and she was grieving the loss of her grandmother. Indeed the package reached her in [AREA], it was a cute gift.
  30. I acquired a bouquet of sympathy flowers from [COMPANY NAME] to send to a friend in [AREA] whose mother passed away. It was very well received. Very moving and not too much money.
  31. I lost two friends in a road accident on the same night, and I had to order for two big bouquets of lovely flowers from [COMPANY NAME] to send them as sympathy flowers to their families. I received the flowers correctly as I wanted them to be in my home in [AREA] and gave them to the families of the bereaved. It was a great sign of our friendship ties.
  32. The funeral flower I ordered from [COMPANY NAME] arrived just in time for my grandpas funeral in [AREA]. I was very impressed!
  33. My guidance and counselor lost his son to a tragic road accident; [COMPANY NAME] came in handy when I had to get the sympathy flowers delivered to her [AREA] residence in time.
  34. I ordered funeral flowers today for my dad’s burial, and they have just arrived in time at our [AREA] home for the occasion. [COMPANY] has completely changed the game as far as flowers are concerned.
  35. [COMPANY NAME] offers the best sympathy flowers ideas for close friends and relatives who have lost their loved ones. Today I got one delivered to my [AREA] ready for a burial that I will be attending tomorrow.
  36. I cannot say enough beautiful things about these funeral flowers from [COMPANY NAME]. This is the 5th time’ I’ve had my order for flowers completed by them. They have been serving me from the comfort of my living room in [AREA]
  37. It is my dad’s funeral anniversary, I thought about acquiring flowers from the florist and thought of it as quite tedious therefore I went for [COMPANY NAME] through their online platform and got a bunch of flowers delivered to my place in [AREA]
  38. The funeral flowers from [COMPANY NAME] come in a perfect arrangement and are very beautiful to light up the usually somber funeral moods. Today I got one delivered to my [AREA] home for my late’ grandpa’s burial.
  39. The funeral flowers from [COMPANY NAME] were significant, fresh, and long-lasting. Also packaged well. I ordered one and got it sent to [AREA] to a work colleague of mine who has lost a son.
  40. The bouquet of funeral flowers from [COMPANY NAME] arrived as promised. The flowers were all in bud form. They were well delivered at [AREA] church premises.
  41. A lot of my friends still depend much on the florists to acquire flowers for different occasions, today they were more than surprised to see my flowers from [COMPANY NAME] delivered to me on the exact venue of the funeral in [AREA].
  42. This is the second time I ordered funeral flowers from [COMPANY NAME] this product with absolute pleasure. They delivered them in [AREA] when well packaged.
  43. So awesome that you can order sympathy flowers online! Beautiful flowers! High price and very affordable with [COMPANY NAME] and actually gets delivered to me at the comfort of my [AREA] home! Will buy again!
  44. Wow! Soooo impressed with this bouquet I acquired for my aunt’s funeral, [COMPANY NAME] had the flowers delivered to my hometown [AREA] even before I reached home.
  45. [COMPANY NAME] flowers arrive in perfect time and at the most convenient place like my workplace in [AREA]. I don’t have to stress looking for a florist no more Hope they keep up the excellent work!
  46. These funeral flowers that I ordered from [COMPANY NAME] arrived in [AREA] even better than we hoped for!!


  1. I sent these bouquets of sympathy flowers to my sister. She lost her only daughter to asthma. The flowers from [COMPANY NAME] helped elevate her mood during that moment of sadness. She received them directly from the company at her home in [AREA].
  2. A beautiful bunch of funeral flowers from [COMPANY NAME]! They never disappoint. They have always been my number solution from my residence in [AREA]!
  3. Got [COMPANY NAME] to send my bereaved Uncle a bunch of flowers, he lives in [AREA]. The flowers were received when still fresh and lasted a long time.
  4. I may never buy flowers from a florist again now that I know I can buy them through [COMPANY NAME] and get them delivered to my place of residence in [AREA]. THANK YOU!
  5. I have ordered sympathy flowers now several times and could not be happier every time. They always deliver them to my [AREA] home.
  6. I am still thrilled with the quality of condolence flowers this company provides, I sent an adorable one to a bereaved friend in [AREA].
  7. This company does a fantastic job of delivering flowers, especially those urgently needed like funeral flowers! They arrived assembled, sometimes in a vase, secured in the box with instructions and four packs of flower food. The people I sent to in [AREA] were more than pleased.
  8. The funeral flowers arrive when still fresh. Received one that I ordered yesterday, this morning in [AREA]
  9. I have not seen them, I ordered some for my Uncle’s funeral but my mother loved them, and that is worth a billion dollars to me…On time delivery to [AREA]!
  10. Amazing! I ordered funeral flowers for my dad’s funeral. So much more than I expected! Thank you for such a high quality arrangement at such a great price! Delivered to my place in [AREA]’ I’ll be coming back for sure, but this time for my wedding!
  11. I ordered one for a friend funeral, and It was beautiful, the funeral flower was more fascinating than I expected. They got it delivered to my place in (AREA)
  12. Recipients loved the freshness of these funeral flowers. The got it delivered to the venue of the funeral; [AREA]
  13. At first, I was hesitant to make an order online until I got short on time. They never disappointed, they delivered the funeral flowers in [AREA] just where I needed them and at the right time.
  14. I received a bouquet of roses in [AREA]. They were quite mesmerizing to my eyes just as I wanted them. They made my dad’s funeral very colorful!
  15. My mom absolutely loved the funeral flowers that were delivered at our [AREA] home and said they lasted two and a half weeks!
  16. The letter tributes arrived very quickly in [AREA], and the recipients were pleased!
  17. Beautiful funeral baskets, precisely like the picture, came in [AREA] on time!
  18. They are the most flowers I have ever seen. I made the orders online. Flowers lasted for at least a week after being delivered home; [AREA].
  19. The funeral poises arrived just a day after being ordered. They were beautiful when they landed in [AREA].
  20. Fast delivery, well packaged, great flowers for a funeral! Thank you! My mother loved them, and I loved it that I was able to get them delivered to [AREA] home instantly!
  21. My mom was thrilled with the condolence flowers, and they arrived in [AREA] when expected.
  22. EXCELLENT…my girlfriend loved them for sympathy flowers after her dad’s demise…and me, because they smell like flowers, not green onions, they were perfect for the occasion held in [AREA]
  23. Arrived very fast. They had a beautiful look, and I loved that they were delivered at home in [AREA] in good time
  24. Great packaging and bouquet were gorgeous for a funeral tribute. Was a day later than stated but well worth the cost and will order again to be delivered just at the same place [AREA]!!!
  25. Sent these as condolence flowers to my sister-in-law in [POSTCODE]. She really liked them.
  26. The flowers for the funeral were absolutely beautiful & arrived in [POSTCODE] on time!’ Couldn’t be happier. So much earlier than ordering from a flower site. This is my second time doing it this way….perfect!
  27. The flowers arrived in [POSTCODE] on time for my’ mother’s funeral. They were beautiful and so many, they had to divide them up into two separate vases.
  28. The condolence flowers were nicely packaged so that the blossoms’ weren’t damaged.

Very nice bouquet. The flowers lasted quite a long time in [POSTCODE].

  1. Great price! Beautiful flowers opened up nicely and delivered in [POSTCODE] in good time.
  2. I sent these to my mom for her aunt’s funeral in [POSTCODE].. She received them on time, and she said they were beautiful. Some of the flowers were open, but she gets to watch the bigger bulbs bloom!!!! She loved it.
  3. Looked beautiful as flowers for a funeral. Lillies were not in bloom for a few days, but the right quality flowers for that day in [POSTCODE].
  4. Came in the right on time.’ I’ve ordered different bouquets from this company several times a year. Never had an issue.
  5. I order these often for my mother and mother-in-law, and they are always well received and beautiful. When I had the funeral, they had the funeral flowers delivered at home in [POSTCODE].
  6. So fresh, I guess the price went up, I want to get these flowers for my grandpas funeral in [POSTCODE].
  7. Very generous-size bouquet for a funeral flower and the blooms did last a full week in [POSTCODE].. Also impressed with the vase…it is HUGE!
  8. I had a considerable funeral flower bouquet sent to my home in [POSTCODE] when I lost my grandpa. Everyone absolutely loved them!
  9. Great fresh flowers. I have used the online platform for funeral flowers different times of the year, and they have always been excellent cut new arrangements for a fantastic price and well delivered to [POSTCODE].
  10. Beautiful will always use this online platform to get my flowers delivered to [POSTCODE]; home instead of going to the florist from now on.
  11. I am always pleasantly surprised by how beautiful these flowers always turn out.’ I’ve purchased similar ones this platform. I got one for my dad’s funeral here and sent it home; [POSTCODE].
  12. Beautiful flowers for the funeral! They get them delivered home; [POSTCODE] in no time!
  13. I was hesitant to order flowers from any online platforms I used to a florist. I have to say, and I am pleasantly surprised at how beautiful they are! Everything about them, from the packaging to the quality, has been excellent! I would recommend it! Beautiful! Mine got delivered to home; [POSTCODE]!
  14. They were delivered in [POSTCODE] in a box not put together during mom’s funeral as I ordered. Make sure’  someone’s there to get them when they arrive. Beatific flowers though, and lasted for a few weeks. Great price too!
  15. Arrived in [POSTCODE] on time, item as described very beautiful

Thank you.

  1. these were excellent flowers for funerals, top quality, delivered home; [POSTCODE] on time, no card available to go with them, but totally worth it regardless
  2. Flowers were not in bloom when they arrived but soon opened wide; they were beautiful and made much of the house smelling like a garden back in [POSTCODE].
  3. My mom loved it! I brought it for dad’s funeral. The picture shows it the day it arrived – beautiful pink and yellow roses – the lilies will open later. It was packaged very nicely and came with care instructions when sent to [POSTCODE].
  4. Unlike other funeral flowers I have ordered in the past from other company,” they were incredibly fresh and timely delivered to [POSTCODE]!
  5. Very happy with the quality of these funeral flowers, my wife really loved them when we received them at home in [POSTCODE] before the funeral!
  6. Got this considerable funeral flower for my Cousin’s funeral! Plus it came with the vase which I’ wasn’t sure if’  it’d match the picture, but it did! It was well delivered to my house in [POSTCODE].
  7. Great quality funeral flowers. Will definitely purchase more flowers from here when in [POSTCODE].
  8. The sympathy flowers were beautiful when they arrived in [POSTCODE] in excellent condition will buy again very pleased.
  9. These blooms from flowers for the funeral have lasted for more than two weeks now. They still look great! They were well preserved until they reached [POSTCODE].
  10. My Cousin loved it and sent me a lovely thank you note when I sent it for her husband’s funeral … raved about the size of blooms…. The item even arrived in [POSTCODE] a day early
  11. Ordered these for my mom funeral in [POSTCODE].. They were absolutely beautiful and helped me get some bit of serenity after losing a person that I adore most.




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