Three key features of the ideal future leader


A leader is a pioneer who can motivate and direct his group of followers to collaborate (Ward, 2019). A leader is a unique personality and equipped with abilities that compel others to take after his or her guided course (Duggal, 2019). As a leader, the CEO of the company has to perform various roles; this includes executing Strategies, building communication, creating a network, and acting as a coach (Roche, Haar & Luthans, 2014).

Three key features the ideal future leader should have;


Contingency theory allows the interaction of different people and a leader to understand different people from diverse backgrounds. A leader with good idea through this theory will be able to be well equipped with management skills in a different department and bring impact to the society and the organization (Avolio, Sosik, Kahai & Baker, 2014). This also allows the flexibility of the organization to offer a leader a particular job when one of the leaders from the different station is not around or is not feeling well, and contingency theory encourage leaders to have different skills in live time. Quickly adapt the changes at a fast rate. With all this business sector has been able to improve well in some place due to contingency theory and effectively if when applied(Schuh et al., 2019).

Through transformational leadership, a leader can imitate the eagle style of an organization (Mannheim, 2008).It has the right prediction and excellent mission and vision likewise to a leader who can predict future outcomes through a set of activities and planning put in place for the future results (Gotsis & Grimani, 2016). This approach also improves mindfulness in the workers to screen any circumstance closely. Good vision leaders can prepare a duty roster, manage time, and make a judgment to give ideas to his co-workers and also to schedule most of the activities for the gain of more income in the organization (Lee, Schwarz, Newman, & Legood, 2017).

How vision leader solve globalization expansion challenges

One of the main challenges of globalization is associated with the exploitation of international employees; this is where most of the organizations prefer cheap labor from different countries leading to unemployment of the citizen of their state(Thoroughgood, Padilla, Hunter & Tate, 2012). Classical theory enables a leader to understand the employees to be accustomed to basic needs only. It does not consider any other social needs of the employees; instead, it lays accentuation on the specialization of work, centralized authority, benefits maximization, and choice making. The classical theory is best suited when the leaders are concerned about heavy-duty activities and strict company policies this will enable the company to grow and gain a lot of profits since the social issue will not be discussed in the organization. Through this mission and vision of the organization will be achieved as required (Leadership, Management, Command, and Control, 2017).

Different cultures among the peoples cause poor communication among the workers in globally; for example, an African leader to be accepted in the USA country cause a lot of culture disrespects. Racism develops in a state or organization when people notice the leader has no vision for the organization or the state. Good leaders with good vision always solve this by setting a different vision, the mission of the organization, or the state (Butler, Zander, Mockaitis, & Sutton, 2012). Through contingency theory, a leader overcomes this challenge based on his/her idea he/she make a good decision since no other person can perform the activity. This enables the people to have no option but to cope with the situation.

Through globalization, people may lose their culture and adopt foreign culture; this will cause a shortage of culture, but it will encourage global diversity. Some of the organizations may find it difficult to acquire a visa due to government regulation. A foreign person is quite cheap than the prices of the current citizen worker. Through a leader with vision may balance the migration of the workers, which might endanger the social work (Purvanova, & Bono, 2009). The situation for the organization may be contrasted without any prior anticipation. Therefore, the leader need to adopt various styles to tackle unwanted circumstances. It depends upon the demand of any unforeseen change in the workforce. The contingency model can be conducted directly to counter the pivotal changes.

  1. Good communication

Leadership involves communicating overall objectives/information to the numerous groups and departments to allow them to come up with ways of implementing and achieving the set objectives as they think best; this job satisfaction, job specialization, and quality service. Such communication strategies enhance leadership and good management by encouraging dialogue between multiple stakeholders, sharing knowledge and experiences, and reducing the level of complexity within the organization.  Leadership serves the purpose of supervising an organization’s operations to ensure that organization’s mission and vision are adhered to (Marquis & Huston, 2006).

The goal of transformational leadership is to renovate people and organizations. It aims to change them in mind and heart, enlarge the vision, insight, and understanding; clarify purposes; make behavior congruent with beliefs, principles, or values; and bring about changes that are permanent, self-perpetuating, and momentum building. A leader who applies transformation style has the best skills to focus on connections that are formed between leaders and followers. Leaders motivate and inspire by helping group members to see the importance and higher societal good of tasks (Patrick, 2017).

The most significant of the good communication on leaders is that they build communicational efficiencies through collaboration in operations administration because it improves the group work between the workers, which makes a difference in legitimate holding, and understanding of the workers. It makes a stable work environment for workers unreservedly reciprocal, helping (Owens & Hekman, 2016). The central theme changes, and the role of leadership are in envisioning and implementing the transformation of organizational performance. This approach views leadership as a process that is diffuse throughout, and there was a need to renovation the minds and hearts of people so that their visions would be enlarged, the purpose clarified, and behavior made congruent with beliefs, values, and principles. Given the pursuit of short-term gains during this period, there was a need for transformational leadership to convert leaders into moral agents who could persuade followers to pursue the higher good (Reb et al., 2019).

Through application of the laissez-faire style of leadership, a leader doesn’t provide motivation or the congratulation, but fellow workers motivate themself for achieving certain targets; this is done though good communication among the workers through leadership. Good communication allows the interaction of different people and a leader to understand different people from different backgrounds. This allows the flexibility of the organization to offer a leader a certain job when one of the leaders from the different station is no around or is not feeling well (Brown, & Treviño, 2014).

How good communication leader solve Ethics challenges

The environment of the organization may not be conducive to the leaders, through leaders finding treats from the co-workers or the government’s leaders. The integrity of a leader may be a threat to other forces like the government leaders and how the leaders are having high integrity of performing activities (Aycan et al., 2013).through contingency theory, a leader can bring respect and allow all the workers to perform their work as required due to respect they have for the leader. This theory will bring togetherness between the organization, and it will grow as a family (Youngberg,2007)

Another challenge concerning ethical issues is that situational influences like unrealistic goals in which the organization feels like it is not achievable; this will cause pressure and reluctant workers to perform some task awarded since they consider the situation. The vision of a leader will be hindered, and the vision will not be working on according to leader predictions (Anderson et al., 2017).Through application of the democratic leadership style, workers are given democratically to choose on their participation without external measure, but results and achievement should be achieved on time; this encourages Company Goals achievement and Teamwork. The model works effectively in the organization. It enables the company to attain the desired output, construct ethics, and make strides of quality of work, which eventually increases the efficiency of the company. This model is best appropriate for the organization when companies desire efficiency towards a definite action. Grant, Gino & Hofmann, 2011).

Another challenge concerning un-ethical is the pro-organizational behaviors of the workers. This is whereby some workers may destroy or reveal the organization’s internal secrets, which need to be kept secret by the leader. The reveal of the secret leads to difficulty in passing out information or communicating with the workers on different ways of doing a certain task. This hinders the communication of the organization by the leader (Anderson et al., 2017).through dictatorship leadership style where workers can give terms and condition and also when they wrong strong punishment are given this type of leadership keeps them to be a concern and also to respect the organization

  1. Integrity

Integrity is a feature which a leader should possess in an organization. The attributes are personal initiatives, compassionates, good looking, should be wise, decisiveness, self-accuracy, and intelligence, and many more the list are endless, and there are no specific skills that have been specified for a person to be a leader. A leader in bringing changes/she should recognize the brilliant job of a particular worker and appreciate it and willing to accept their behavior consequences (Cottrill, Lopez, & Hoffman, 2014).

The importance of chaos theory is that it enacts the company’s representatives to deliver noteworthy dedication, whereas to engage group individuals in creating a virtual environment. The leaders and the directors can embrace a high level of integrity by creating adaptability within the operations management. A leader must annul all the futile multi-leveled positions at the bottom level amid the course of any critical errands. To certify the communication chain within an organization, it is viable to keep up the proficiency and efficiency of the operations administration (Boekhorst, 2015). The organization has to use this trait, and they shift different leaders to different departments and stations for the changes and combination of their efforts to achieve its mission and vision.

How integrity leader solve Discrimination challenges

As a leader, age can be challenging in an organization where many workers are elderly than them (Rupp, Vodanovich, & Crede, 2006). This cause elderly workers to discriminate against the younger leader and even failed to perform a different task which they might be assigned to perform. As a paramount leader, the punishments which the leader should consider should be equal to all workers. This will reduce discrimination and even abandon feelings by other workers. For a leader to overcome this challenge. A leader applies trait theory, where the leader has a fundamental knowledge of leadership and has a lot of qualities. These leaders are respected, and most of the co-workers like their decision. For it, required a high integrity feature whereby all the workers in the organization will feel there is no favoritism and intimidation among them (Anderson et al., 2017)

Gender is the most discrimination among developed countries, whereby women are not considered on a leadership position in an organization or a legislative seat. A women leader in an organization of a large number of men will lead to a challenge through that men will develop an external force which might cause rejection and discrimination of a women leader. Through good communication skills and system theory approach, it enables a woman leader to overcome discrimination, and also other parties will develop confidence upon them. System theory enables the organization to interact with the external environment, which will enable them to run and control the work environment is a positive culture. The framework, when applied, assists the leaders in thinking around a distinct point of view. The model directs companies to strive for long-term vision. This hypothesis helps in advancing expectations of development within the organization and continuously energizes the representatives to draw any specific errand.

Gender diversity is a challenge in most of the organization. In an organization in which there is an equal top position that has been equally shared and enjoyed by everyone through robust decision making, commercial utilization both by internal and external stakeholders, a visionary leader will be able to incorporate both genders to be equally represented and to have a contribution to the decisions made for the organization. Through transformation theory, a leader can predict the importance of gender equality and how it will cause positivity in the organization and office, and to equally widen the talents and direct representation. it obligates the leaders to analyzed company activities from a different perspective. This approach provides a system to the companies to introduce and elucidate a clear set of strategies.


In conclusion, a leader can do better, and it can improve the business and any other sectors massively if it can be considered highly by the stakeholders of the organization or the executive of the organization. Organizational administration, it is controlled by a leader, their vital field will play a big and utilized the assets of an organization to realize the targets with the implementation of various strategies and approaches. Companies need to practice within an organizational context, particularly to quality leadership and management, depending on organizational objectives and any unforeseen circumstance.


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